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From our family to yours,

Our vision to create a premier golf course that the public can enjoy is inspired by a deep family belief in creating usable spaces for people to gather and form community. Whether it be through hosting charity golf outings, or future developments of the land for public use, giving back to the game that has given our family so much is our mission.

Our foray as a family into the golf world started with our own love of the game, including our children, who are now parents of their own and an integral part of our company. The Prestwick group was founded in 1997 and aims to provide top-of-the-line golf and hospitality furnishings. With origins just minutes from La Belle, the Club feels like we are home again.

We invite you to the Club at Lac La Belle to be our guest in the rebirth of this American Treasure.

-The Morse Family

a message from matt morse

the pursuit of a lifelong dream

Welcome to the new Club at Lac La Belle!
As one of the oldest courses in our state and now recognized as a founding golf club in America, we are thrilled that we have been given the opportunity to restore and preserve this historic venue.

From the beginning, my desire was to design and create a truly unique golfing experience—one that is visually interesting and exciting to play. A traditional layout utilizing classic design elements became our goal. The idea that we wanted a walkable course influenced a more traditional routing plan. The history of the property demanded a classic design reminiscent of turn of the century golf course design.

Mixed in with the beautiful rolling hills you will enjoy elevated tee boxes, native fescue grasses, undulating greens of various sizes, a few par 4’s that are reachable, rectangular tee boxes, double fairways and short grass recovery areas all to enhance the golf experience. I’m especially excited about our deep grass face bunkers that look dramatic and follow the Scottish model of bunkering.

All of these design features helped us create a very different golf course stylistically.

I would like to thank all our contractors, teams, Village President Tim Clark and everyone involved with helping us modernize this historic golf property for the enjoyment of generations to come.


Matthew C. Morse


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